Darren Whittaker

Digital Tech & Data Specialist

A little about who I am

Beginning my journey at a digital agency focusing on digital marketing for industrial mining & engineering machinery, I have been working in the digital marketing & sales space for nearly 10 years - Initially as a Digital SEM Specialist at several agencies; and ultimately as Partner and Chief Technology Officer of a B2B Sales Prospecting company.

In the time that I have been working in the digital space, I have honed my project management, rational processing, pattern recognition and data insight abilities, while learning to operate in a constant state of lateral innovation. As I have progressed, my skillset has naturally gravitated toward working with & understanding data & campaign analytics.

As a technically minded individual, I have come to appreciate the importance of clear communication - both internally and with clients. Having brainstormed constantly with internal teams, presented complex strategies to marketing teams made up of engineers, and worked closely with globally outsourced providers, I pride myself in having developed the ability to communicate complex concepts in ways that can be simply understood and acted upon.

Recent Projects & Key Skills
Superhuman Sales

In 2017 I partnered with a former client (sales professional in the Telecoms sector), as Marketing Director for Superhuman Sales (SHS).

The primary function of SHS has been to augment sales teams in B2B tech & finance companies by utilizing data-driven automated prospecting campaigns to generate meaningful leads.

Given the technical nature of our business (and its alignment with my skillset) I quickly took on the role of Chief Technical Officer. This effectively made me responsible for the entire tech-stack, as well as project rollout strategy.

Key Proficiencies

Microsoft Power BI
Python Script
Database Architecture & Administration
Custom Data Integration Modelling
[Full list included in CV]

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What People Say About Me
Darren Whittaker

"Being an online marketing professional myself, I'm quite critical when it comes to "so called skills". There are many people in this industry who claim to have a clue, but really know nothing. Darren is not one of them thankfully. He's a total pro and potentially the best online marketing expert I've worked with. Love his work!"

Sales Director,
Saicom Voice Services
Darren Whittaker

"Darren is an extremely talented individual in the digital sphere of marketing. He is technically brilliant, yet is able to articulate his work to his clients in layman's terms. He has helped our organisation move and understand the digital space of marketing."

Marketing And Sales Administrations Manager, Veyance Technologies Africa (Goodyear/Continental)
Darren Whittaker

"Darren is a very results-driven individual with a keen interest in emerging digital trends. His analytical mind allows him to think outside the box and dig deep into the available data to find actionable solutions. His technical and problem-solving skills are an asset to any organization."

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